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Yaara Silly Silly

Movie Overview:

Yaara Silly Silly is a recent Bollywood romantic film directed by Subhash Sehgal,  prodeuced by Reena Bhushan Suri, Neena Subhash Sehgal, written by Rajeev Yogendranath under the banner “Movee Dreems” . Which portrays a two-night relationship between a prostitute & her customer.

In Yaara Silly Silly a sex worker and her client meet each other again after having spent a night together before. Through a journey, they discover each other and a relationship that change their lives forever.

“Our poster that released a few days back received a tremendous response and that made us aware that we’re on the right track. And I’m super-confident that significant buzz would be created with this vibrant trailer. Current sensation Ankit Tiwari’s music adds meaning and soul to the story which has been captured beautifully in the trailer. A film with a prostitute in the lead hasn’t ever been shown in such a sweet yet emotional fashion before and I take pride in myself for doing so,” said Sehgal.

Watch Trailer of Yaara Silly Silly Here:




Cast :

Parambrata Chatterjee
Paoli Dam
Vidya Malvade
Parth Suri
Eva Grover
Zafar Dhillon
Falguni Rajani
Sukhvinder Chah


Download Yaara Silly Silly:

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Yaara Silly Silly


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