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Love Exchange


Movie Overview:

Love Exchange is Recent Bollywood movie which is directed by Raj V Shetty, produced by Nadia Ali Shirazi, under the banner Winds of Change Entertainment, It is a romantic comedy movie released on 30th October 2015.

Director Raj V. Shetty says his romantic venture, ‘Love Exchange’ beautifully blends two diverse cultures in an entertaining, lively and convincing manner while capturing the essence of romance at the same time. “‘Love Exchange’ brings two different cultures to mix together in a light-hearted way. In the film, the lovers are asked to learn each other’s culture so that they can have a better life post marriage. And that’s why I think people from every culture will love the movie,” Shetty said.

The main protagonists played by Mohit Madan and Jyoti Sharma belong to Maharashtrian and Punjabi families respectively. Adapting to one another’s cultures is not an easy task, hence the families decide that both of them would spend three months at their would-be in-laws’ homes separately to get familiar with the opposite cultures, the director said.

About the fresh pair of actors, Shetty said: “After finishing my script, I realised that it requires fresh faces and I then zeroed down the hero and heroine. Both Mohit and Jyoti have good camera sense and the chemistry between them is apt.” While the actors try their best to infuse life into this lacklustre comedy, the story itself seems pointless. It’s never explained why the parents have strong reservations against love marriages to begin with. Also, the real story only begins in the second half. An hour is wasted to establish the love story, which is unconvincing to the core.

A Punjabi mother speaking bad English (calling organism ‘orgasm’ or saying ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a gay’) is probably the only supposedly funny thing in this ‘romcom’. The remaining characters are as stereotypical. Maharastrians are educated but not wealthy, Punjabis – vice versa, Gujjus are silly, Christians are owners of cafes meant for heartbroken men who drink their sorrows away. The list is endless.

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Mohit Madan
Jyoti Sharma
Darshan Jariwala
Manoj Pahwa
Shama Deshpande
Raju Kher
Suchint Singh


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